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Budget Process Calendar (text)

  1. Issue appropriation request guidelines (July)
  2. Agencies submit requests (September)
  3. State Budget Office reviews requests (September)
  4. State Budget Office hearings with State agencies (September-October)
  5. Official revenue estimates completed (November)
  6. Final budget recommendations (December) NOTE
  7. Governor presents proposed budget to the Legislature (January) NOTE
  8. Legislative budget hearings with State agencies (January-March) NOTE
  9. Senate Finance Bill and House Finance bills are introduced Bill NOTE
  10. Legislature passes budget (March) NOTE
  11. Governor approves/vetoes (March) NOTE
  12. Issue expenditure schedule guidelines (April)
  13. Agencies submit expenditure schedules (May)
  14. State Budget Office reviews schedules (May-June)
  15. Revenue Cabinet Secretary approves (June)
  16. Schedules entered into WV Financial Information Management System (June)
  17. Appropriations are ready for agencies to process payments when new fiscal year begins July 1

NOTE:  Following a regular gubernatorial election, these six steps in the budget process are delayed by one month.