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Reports and Charts

  • Monthly Revenue Reports

  • A variety of sources of income finance the operation of West Virginia's state government. The monthly Revenue Reports provide details of the two major revenue funds, the General Revenue Fund and the State Road Fund.

  • Revenue Estimates

    These are official annual estimates of the revenues for each classification of tax to be collected monthly.

  • Appropriations

    The reports in this group provide information on the annual appropriations and authorized spending levels by funding source.

  • Consolidated Report of Federal Funds

    The State Budget Office's annual consolidated report contains a detailed itemization of all federal funds received by state spending units during the preceding and current fiscal years, as well as those scheduled or anticipated to be received during the next ensuing fiscal year.

  • Rainy Day Fund

    The Rainy Day Fund is actually titled the Revenue Shortfall Reserve Fund.  It is used by the Legislature to offset a shortfall in revenues and to allow the Governor to borrow funds when revenues are inadequate to make timely payments of the State's obligations.  The Legislature may also appropriate funds for emergency revenue needs such as natural disasters.

    The Revenue Shortfall Reserve Fund---Part B is to be used by the Legislature to offset a shortfall in revenues or for fiscal emergencies of an extraordinary nature.  No moneys in this fund may be expended for any purpose unless all moneys in the Revenue Shortfall Reserve Fund have first been spent.  (For additional details, see the "Financial Statements" chapter in Volume I of the Executive Budget.)

  • FTEs (Full Time Equivalents)

    These are monthly reports of the permanent filled positions in West Virginia state government.