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WV-11 Online Special Instructions

Where can I obtain WV-11 forms?
You can obtain standard WV-11 forms from the WV Correctional Industries' stockroom/warehouse by calling 304-558-3636.

*Special instructions for on-line WV-11 forms*
If you use the Corel WordPerfect or Microsoft Word WV-11 forms on our Web site, you may need to adjust the page and/or line spacing to print as a single page (depending upon your particular printer).

If you use the WV-11 form from our Web site, you must first fill out the form, then make specific copies on carbonized colored paper (carbonless NCR paper) as follows:
        1. White            State Budget Office
        2. Green            Agency Payroll Office
        3. Canary           Division of Personnel 
        4. Pink               Agency Originator 
        5. Goldenrod     Keep until signed original is returned